Realmer’s Game Guide (Part II. Build/Trade)

If you followed Game Guide Part I correctly, you should have now a nice smol stash of collectibles ready!

Depending on what type of collectibles you built, you can use these to upgrade your Realm which offers quite some benefits:

  • More population = PvP score & Moar Adventurers capacity + PARTICLE potential
  • More Inheritance = PvP Score
  • PvP score = moar MAGIC gains
  • Inherently improves the value of underlying Realm (remember that 100k MAGIC sale?)
  • Sell the Collectibles / Constructs for MAGIC (No guide here, just set price and list)

How to Build Cities & Benefits?

You can build up to Cities / Monuments with no CD.

The material needed to build a City NFT varies seasonally depending on Prime Convergence (basically an election cycle by the community to determine the key collectible type to be used each season.

Building rewards you with a City NFT (which you can stake/sell) and population boosts (burn Nourishment for moar population)

As of 10/28/22 writing, the prime collectible for building cities is Tech.

What do cities do? Well, you do need a place for people to live right? (Cities boost Population capacity)

What does Population do? Who serves ale & washes sheets for your adventurers? (Population capacity boosts AoV capacity => MOAR PARTICLEs)

TierCollectibles UsedPopulation BoostBuilding Requirements
Town 110x Common3none
Town II10x Uncommon52x Town I
City I10x Rare123x Town II
City II10x Epic154x City I
City III10x Legendary325x City II
Metropolis I10x Mythic356x City III
Metropolis II10x Exotic707x Metropolis I
Capital CityTBD1008x Metropolis II

How to Build Monuments & Benefits?

You can build up to Cities / Monuments with no CD.

The material needed to build a Monument NFT requires Earthen collectibles.

Monuments boost “Inheritance” which is a score for leaderboards (And in turn Magic Refinery rewards). No population boosts, however, so generally, CP is lower than City-building.

Regardless, you will likely build some unless for some reason you have 100% of your realms attuned to the specific season for City Building.

TierCollectibles UsedInheritance BoostBuilding Requirements
Altar 17x Common3none
Altar II7x Uncommon52x Altar I
Obelisk I7x Rare123x Altar II
Obelisk II7x Epic154x Obelisk I
Obelisk III6x Legendary325x Obelisk II
Monolith I6x Mythic356x Obelisk III
Monolith II5x Exotic707x Monolith I

How to boost Population?

After having population boosts, you can eat (Burn) food to get more people in your Realm.

There are no restrictions on the use of this feature as long as you have a Boost (which you get from building Cities NFT).

Population boost are linear based on rarity, except the exotic one, Wine!

It sounds deceptively useless but boosts score meaningfully, and, if you read about DreamRealm, imagine a king of realms housing most AoVs and holding lion’s share of PARTICLE production (which can produce collectibles, but is likely to have more utility soon!)

Rice / Wheat1
Corn / Citrus2
Honey / Sugar3