Realmer’s Game Guide (Part I. Production)

Are you a Simcity or Civ fan (and then paid Steam for every single version??)

Well, this is for you! Pure time-based building and strategy fun right here!

The other bit here is you can choose between PvE and PvP gameplay! (Separate sections)

How to play Realm? (Basic Gameplay)

A Realm is a land NFT where you can produce collectibles and in turn use (burn) them to build up your land – or sell them to other buildooors out there.

There are two ways to build and cater to different entry levels.

  1. Realm + Adventurers NFT ( or visitors)
  2. Realm + Particle Reactor

The difference between this is whether to pair a Particle Reactor or not as you basically produce 2x as fast with the reactor than just the Realm.

How to build Collectibles?

Geographical features (geo-features) dictate what you can build.

Each Realm can have 3 geo-features – ideally, choose those with 3 separate features or exotic features.

The same geo-features don’t stack as of writing (02/03/23) – so no…3 Tech features ain’t going to make your realm turn into Silicon Valley.

There are even exotic realms (!looksrare) that can produce unique collectibles that sell for a pretty penny or give better upgrades for competitive play.

Those that hold the Particle Reactor have access to all 4 types of production at the common rarity level, but specific feature access below allows the production of all rarity tiers (Except exotics):

  • Nourishment (Used for boosting population)
  • Tech (Seasonal commodity – currently for Cities)
  • Ocean (Seasonal commodity – currently for nothing)
  • Earthen (Seasonal commodity – currently for Monuments)

What are Exotic collectibles precious??

Goods of higher value with only ~25% of realms able to produce this pool of goods (~6-7% for each sub-category. )

Basically remember if you hold exotic features, you will make it in gameplay for Realm be it a supplier role or builder role.

Production Cycle Cooldowns (PARTICLE; Entry)

Production cycles are somewhat slower and PARTICLE costs aren’t cheap for rarer goods (which means either: a) you better have lots of adventurers on your land, or b) just make the cheap stuff.

Floor realms are quite suited for this, but not recommended for exotic production due to the PARTICLE accumulation being immensely slow + high PARTICLE costs.

Production capacity can be stored until a max of 3 days (no accumulation of build CD beyond that)

Production RarityCD (hours)PARTICLE cost3-day max capacity

Production Cycle Cooldowns (Reactor; Premium)

Production cycles are faster for premium game-play cause you spend MAGIC + reactors to cost a pretty penny.

Production capacity can be stored until a max of 6 days (no accumulation of build CD beyond that), but it is truly the viable way to produce rarer collectibles. Besides…

Race leeaderboards vs. others? This is your play!

Build and profit like no tmr? Sell the stuff entry-level can’t produce at premiums!

Production RarityCD (hours)MAGIC cost6-day max capacity
Common 120.112