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Explorer’s Guide to Realms

What is and How to make PARTICLE?

PARTICLE is essentially a resource generated by exploring any Realms.

Very easy, just click Explore and choose a Realm. (Staking action & generates PARTICLE regardless of other actions)

AoVs earn 0.05 PARTICLES per LVL + 0.01 (Explorer Profession).

While AoVs to have economies of scale, Realms tend to have exponential scaling (which will lead us to WHY you want to be a realm owner too!).

Capped at 7-days accumulation.

In particular, you will want to focus on high-resource Realms as they can provide the Realm owner additional PARTICLE and usually, some freebies come along the way too for AoVs- watch those discords!

NOTE: SOME REALM owners WILL give you items of value (collectibles or even MAGIC) for exploring their realms – USE this to your advantage!

The formula for you math junkies is this: 0.0002 x TOTAL RESOURCE (REALM).

Total ResourcesRealm PARTICLE / day
(per AoV)
2000.040.05 x LEVEL
Note: Professions for AoVs can increase PARTICLE gain by 0.01 if you have the Explorer Profession.
Transcendence (Level up)

How to Level up?

Assuming you have enough ANIMA to level up, Transcendence is the play to rarify your AoV (And yes, there is a% chance you can get a 1/1!) or choose a PFP you like. (Tempest simpzed waifu! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THE ARTIST!!)

Level increase allows more PARTICLE & ANIMA generation, but also the costs of actions increase too.

Simply burn ANIMA and get the next level (Note that CD is currently 20 days (as of 01/06/2023) and will increase by 2 days EACH MONTH – LVL FASTER!

This means by April, this will be a 30-day cooldown for transcendence!

LevelANIMA Required
DateTranscendence CD
Dec 202218
Jan 2023 (Happy New Year!)20
Feb 202322
Mar 202324
Apr 202326
May 202328
Jun 202330
Same CD every month!30
Adventurers’ Training Handbook

Lift some weights, and build some Strength. Stretch them legs for more Dexterity.

Read a book & get some Intelligence / Wisdom. Put on make-up & get Charisma!

All of these things make your adventurer stronger in Battles & likely present more utility as features become unlocked in your Realm-venture.

How to improve stats?

Old-skool Questing has been replaced with Training as well!

Mechanics have changed from burning $ANIMA to burning $PARTICLES instead for a maximum of up to 6 stat gains.

You can choose to just lift dumbells for +6 Strength, or just +1 of each trait, the choice is yours!

+1 Trait of choosing = 0.1 PARTICLE x AoV Level

CD is reset every Monday 12pm GMT.

Level$PARTICLE CostsReset CD
10.1Monday 12pm GMT
Onward+0.1 per level

Choosing Traits

A bit hard to see below, but you can basically choose your own stat distributions up to a max of +6 stats each week before reset. (ALWAYS MAX +6 stats total).

Although the current meta favors the distribution of stats to improve Battle % chance, if you have adventurers to spare, it is worth having a few that specialize in a specific stat (who knows, someday weightlifting tourney or beauty pageant??)

Some ideas to consider below:

Stat considerationsStrategy$PARTICLE costs
Single-stat-maxiFull-send +6 in one trait0.1 PARTICLE x AoV Level
Specialists+2 in Three traits
Generalists+1 in each trait
Adventurers Assemble! (Battle v2)

How does Battle v2 work?

Unlike the original Battle, where you paid $PARTICLES to get a n00b-stomping ticket..v2 makes you choose tougher opponents but in return for more $ANIMA – even if you lose!

You need to get into the Arena first (this isn’t street fighter ser/mam!)

Following that…pay attention to the below:

  • Entry cost: 0.025 $PARTICLE x AoV Level
  • Battle foes everyday.
  • Cooldown daily reset at 12 pm GMT
  • Weekly cooldown to enter Arena again

What does a Battle look like?

  • Your Adventurer has 6 traits & you basically have a roll chance on each one. (Think of this as an Iron-man Marathon)
  • TLDR; more stats = more % chance of winning (except if you are almost g’teed to win, you will only get 10% of ANIMA gains).
  • ANIMA gains are rewarded PER TRAIT ROLL – so you can lose some and still gain.
  • For those that want the math: Stronger Trait / 2 (Stronger Trait = whomever has highest STAT) = Weaker % chance of winning

Rewards for winning?

In most circumstances, you won’t be winning perfect 6-roll wins every time – but regardless as long as you win some (and lose some) you will still make good ANIMA gains!

  • Normal Win = 0.2 ANIMA x AoV Level
  • Upset Win = 0.28567 x AoV level + 0.28567 (pending more formulas)
  • n00b stomp Win = 0.2 ANIMA x AoV level x 10% (you can still do it for fun!)

Rewards for losing?

Apparently, you can still get some ANIMA for losing!

  • Normal Loss= 0.1 ANIMA x AoV Level
  • Upset Loss = 0 ANIMA (wut teh hekk!)

Reward for getting attacked

Wait what? You get ANIMA for getting attacked?

  • Normal win against attacker = 0.2 ANIMA x AoV Level x 10%
  • Upset win against attacker = ? (Pending data)

Choose your battles wisely

  • So first of all…choose your opponents by clicking the blue box.
  • Following that, the “Default” setting basically makes it filter thru 0-100 stat AoVs.
  • Don’t go berserk yet! There’s a battle optimizer!
  • Click that button and it will give you more reasonable matches.
  • Pro-tip: Slide the upper-ends lower until you can find a decent win % chance across every trait.
  • Below an infographics to look at:

Ideal battle examples