Adventurers’ Training Handbook

Lift some weights, and build some Strength. Stretch them legs for more Dexterity.

Read a book & get some Intelligence / Wisdom. Put on make-up & get Charisma!

All of these things make your adventurer stronger in Battles & likely present more utility as features become unlocked in your Realm-venture.

How to improve stats?

Old-skool Questing has been replaced with Training as well!

Mechanics have changed from burning $ANIMA to burning $PARTICLES instead for a maximum of up to 6 stat gains.

You can choose to just lift dumbells for +6 Strength, or just +1 of each trait, the choice is yours!

+1 Trait of choosing = 0.1 PARTICLE x AoV Level

CD is reset every Monday 12pm GMT.

Level$PARTICLE CostsReset CD
10.1Monday 12pm GMT
Onward+0.1 per level

Choosing Traits

A bit hard to see below, but you can basically choose your own stat distributions up to a max of +6 stats each week before reset. (ALWAYS MAX +6 stats total).

Although the current meta favors the distribution of stats to improve Battle % chance, if you have adventurers to spare, it is worth having a few that specialize in a specific stat (who knows, someday weightlifting tourney or beauty pageant??)

Some ideas to consider below:

Stat considerationsStrategy$PARTICLE costs
Single-stat-maxiFull-send +6 in one trait0.1 PARTICLE x AoV Level
Specialists+2 in Three traits
Generalists+1 in each trait