Adventurer’s Game Guide

*WHOOOSH! (Portal pretend-sounds – looks for @Mousedev soundboard)

Tempest is greeted by a pair of very seasoned adventurers. Welcome to Realmverse!

They look very cool and geared compared to (*shinEEE gear! but…*stares at own bare hands)

The dark one to the right asks: Would you like to become stronker?

Tempest: Rug me BLIND PLS LFG!

How to play Adventurer?

Officially, Adventurers of the Void is the name, for short-form, we will use AoV.

The path of progression for AoVs (as of writing on 11/02/2022) involves a few actions below and is largely a cool-down-based RPG of sorts.

Effectively, progressing requires a mix of resources (PARTICLE & ANIMA) which requires you to: