Adventurers Assemble! (Battle v2)

How does Battle v2 work?

Unlike the original Battle, where you paid $PARTICLES to get a n00b-stomping ticket..v2 makes you choose tougher opponents but in return for more $ANIMA – even if you lose!

You need to get into the Arena first (this isn’t street fighter ser/mam!)

Following that…pay attention to the below:

  • Entry cost: 0.025 $PARTICLE x AoV Level
  • Battle foes everyday.
  • Cooldown daily reset at 12 pm GMT
  • Weekly cooldown to enter Arena again

What does a Battle look like?

  • Your Adventurer has 6 traits & you basically have a roll chance on each one. (Think of this as an Iron-man Marathon)
  • TLDR; more stats = more % chance of winning (except if you are almost g’teed to win, you will only get 10% of ANIMA gains).
  • ANIMA gains are rewarded PER TRAIT ROLL – so you can lose some and still gain.
  • For those that want the math: Stronger Trait / 2 (Stronger Trait = whomever has highest STAT) = Weaker % chance of winning

Rewards for winning?

In most circumstances, you won’t be winning perfect 6-roll wins every time – but regardless as long as you win some (and lose some) you will still make good ANIMA gains!

  • Normal Win = 0.2 ANIMA x AoV Level
  • Upset Win = 0.28567 x AoV level + 0.28567 (pending more formulas)
  • n00b stomp Win = 0.2 ANIMA x AoV level x 10% (you can still do it for fun!)

Rewards for losing?

Apparently, you can still get some ANIMA for losing!

  • Normal Loss= 0.1 ANIMA x AoV Level
  • Upset Loss = 0 ANIMA (wut teh hekk!)

Reward for getting attacked

Wait what? You get ANIMA for getting attacked?

  • Normal win against attacker = 0.2 ANIMA x AoV Level x 10%
  • Upset win against attacker = ? (Pending data)

Choose your battles wisely

  • So first of all…choose your opponents by clicking the blue box.
  • Following that, the “Default” setting basically makes it filter thru 0-100 stat AoVs.
  • Don’t go berserk yet! There’s a battle optimizer!
  • Click that button and it will give you more reasonable matches.
  • Pro-tip: Slide the upper-ends lower until you can find a decent win % chance across every trait.
  • Below an infographics to look at:

Ideal battle examples